How to remove odour from your favourite fitness shoes

Have you ever had to throw out your favourite runners due to unbearable odour?

Most people admit a nice and comfortable pair of fitness or running shoes are amongst their biggest treasures.

Unfortunately, they don't last as long as we would want them to, mainly because of the odour that gets trapped inside them.

Before you think there is something wrong with you, let us assure you, this is a natural thing.

The problem is that due to sweating, shoes usually can't get completely dry before the next use.
When this cycle repeats enough times, harmful moisture builds up, and odour-causing bacteria grows inside.

This is the reason why fitness shoes start to smell after a while.

And this is probably the main reason why they end up in the bin way before their total lifespan.

So what is the solution? Just throw them out and get a new pair?

That may be a solution, but certainly not the most cost-effective one.
Not to mention, that for some people, it's almost like losing a pet or a loved one (okay, maybe not as dramatic, but you get the point), especially if they are still in great condition.

Well, we are happy to announce that we have found THE SOLUTION!

There is a fantastic product we came across called Shoestix.
It's a pair of sticks that you place inside your shoes when you don't use them to eliminate odour.

Shoestix irelandWe saw this product on a TV show, and the idea of saving your favourite fitness shoes sounded great, but at first, too good to be true.

Nevertheless, we decided to give it a try.

This was a few weeks ago, and now we are thinking about getting more for each pair of shoes we have.

We purposely tried them on my most "destroyed" pair of runners, just to see if they will take on the test.
After a few days, there was a small but noticeable change. After a week, there was a remarkable change. After two weeks, the shoes were utterly odour free!

We couldn't believe it!

We immediately wanted to get some, so we can offer them to our customers and other fitness fanatics. Unfortunately, it's almost impossible to resell them here in Ireland due to shipping costs and customs, but we found a reliable reseller on Amazon UK.

You can get them here.

You only need to buy the sticks once, and then every three months or so, the refills.

If you are thinking about throwing out your shoes due to odour, give Shoestix a try! They may just be the solution.

Shoestix for fitness shoes

Get them here and save your shoes!