Top 5 Myths About Zumba

So, you have heard of Zumba and thinking of trying out a class, but not sure if it's really for you?

We put together the top 5 myths about Zumba that could keep you away from the classes and the fun!

Let's see them:


Myth #1 - Zumba is only for dancers or people who can dance

Nothing could be further from the truth. As a matter of fact, most people who attend Zumba classes have no previous dance experience whatsoever. And they don't need it either. It's all about having fun whether you can or can't dance.


Myth #2 - Zumba is only for young people

Wrong. Wherever you attend a class, you usually see a wide variety of ages from teenagers to over 60s, all having fun together. And this is the beauty of Zumba. There are no age limits! A 65-year-old is just as welcome to a class as a teenager.


Myth #3 - You can't lose weight doing Zumba

Not true. You can read countless success stories, how regularly attending 2-3 classes a week made a huge difference in people's lives and how they got rid of the excess weight with the help of Zumba.


Myth #4 - Zumba is not an exercise class

You would only think this until you attend a high-intensity Zumba class. You'll be drenched in sweat after 15 minutes, and you'll definitely be convinced once and for all: Zumba IS a full-blown exercise class with a serious dose of the fun of course.


Myth #5 - You have to be in great form to do Zumba

You may get into great shape as a result of doing Zumba, but you certainly don't have to be super fit to start attending classes. Many people think of Zumba as a saviour from being inactive, an exercise class that finally got them back to be active again.


Of course, the proof is in the pudding, so find a class near you and start experiencing the magic of Zumba!