About Us

Lily and Viktor - Zumba Wear by Dance and Health


Husband and wife, Lily and Viktor have been around the "dance scene" since 2008. They met at a Cuban Salsa class in Dublin which they ended up teaching together. That was the beginning of their love story, and they got married in 2015.

Their passion for the Latin rhythms led them to Zumba® which was love at first sight. They are the owners of Dance and Health; a company specialised in Zumba® fitness classes, based in Dublin.

Becoming an official Zumba Wear® reseller in Ireland was a natural progression in their journey. Zumba®, the brand has given them a lot more they could imagine: amazing friends, joy, happiness, health and a way of helping people to become/stay fit.

They are extremely proud to stand behind the brand that touched so many lives and not only makes people look good but increase confidence too.

Because "It's not just about size, it's about a state of mind." #ZumbaWear